Hello everyone^__^ I'm Aura, 20y/o, a girl from Romania... I'M A V.I.P!!!!! BIG BANG♥ I ♥ TOP♥TABI♥CHOI SEUNG HYUN♥♥♥ A QUEEN'S^^ ♥♥T-ARA ♥JIYEON♥♥ A POPSTER!!♥♥♥ AND A WHOVIAN!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ And a person who tries to live healthy by eating as clean as she can XD and doing her workouts^^

I do sometimes make gifs, but not too many, so if you see "Ayu" written on them, they are mine^^ if not, they aren't XD

I like korean/japanese/taiwanese pop, I like k/j/tw/thai dramas too

If you have question or you want to talk about something, I'm always here:D Love ya and BOOM SHAKALAKA DAY BY DAY everyone!♥

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this looks so goodddd (^^.)


this looks so goodddd (^^.)

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The 1000 SQUAT CHALLENGE. Do 100 reps of each. Time how long it took you. Took me 40 minutes. Legs and butt were DYING!

Do the full length video with me here: http://youtu.be/fF71IJUXGOk

Reblog if you plan on doing this!

Remember to be careful. This workout is NOT EASY. So take breaks when you need it and only push yourself to a level of slight discomfort but not to the point where you’re going to hurt yourself. 

Have fun!


20.08 Workout

Butt Lift & Slim Thighs

Want U Back Arms Challenge

Bubble Butt (Clenching my Booty) Workout 

POP Pilates: Back Attack!

19.08 Workout

30min on the stationary bike with intervals